Partner With Us

BHITBU is always looking to build new partnerships with businesses and organizations within our community. If you’re looking for a way to offer courses within your business or religious organization, but don’t have the money, time, or know how… you’ve found the perfect solution.

How It Works

New partners pay a one time fee of $500 to setup an organization specific course that meets your exact requirements. We can have one of our instructors set up your course or you can use someone of your choosing.

  • Courses can be configured for 1 – 8 weeks to meet your requirements.
  • Information can be suited to fit your company needs.
  • You set the minimum passing grade to receive a certificate. The BHITBU standard is a minimum average testing score of 85% and cannot be set below this number. You may set it higher if you wish.
What Kind of Partners Do You Work With?

The following list are the types of partners we work with. However, it is not a comprehensive list. If your organization does not fit any of the below, please contact us to confirm whether or not your organization would be a good fit to partner with BHITBU.

  • Employee Orientation / Training – As long as it can be done completely online, we can work with any company or organization that needs to set up a training program for new hires or refresher courses for existing employees.
  • Churches / Ministries / Assemblies – We can work with your organization to set up a ministerial or any other program and design it to meet your organization’s specific requirements.
  • Non Profits – If you need a course for your non profit, please feel free to reach out and let us know the details, and we’ll let you know if we can help.
  • Sales – If you need to train a new salesperson or retrain an entire team, we can handle it.

Alternatively, if there is an existing course on BHITBU that you will accept a certificate for, you can be listed as a partner for a one time fee of $250. If you do not want to be listed as a partner, you can send your students through the course free of charge without any notice to us at all.

Additional Benefits

Partners will be added to the list of partners that accept BHITBU certificates as satisfactory for a proof of education requirement.


We reserve the right to reject any courses at our sole discretion.

Banned Course Content
  • Illegal activities of all kinds.
  • Hate speech and discrimination.
  • Nudity whether partial or full.