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The Final Juneteenth: All Descendants of The Transatlantic Slave Trade Need To Read This

The Final Juneteenth: All Descendants of The Transatlantic Slave Trade Need To Read This

The Awakening
How many more black men and women do we have to see raped on the side of the road for eleven minutes, beat in the middle of the street just because, and murdered on film in front of their children before we decide to take a serious look at our options as a people? There's no difference between now and when the slave patrols were gunning our people down in the streets 150 years ago. Maybe... just maybe... if we keep marching, voting, rioting, yelling, burning stuff down... in another 400 years our great great great grandchildren might be able to say cops no longer get paid leave for gunning us down in cold blood because they "feared for their life". As a black man I'm sick of seeing our people murdered for no reason other than hate. As an American I'm sick of how thi...
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  • Did you know that one of the apostles was named Niger, which means "black skin"?
  • Did you know that the apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian?
  • Did you know that the Bible describes Christ's skin color as "burned bronze"?
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Pre-Slavery ChristianityIt Was Never The White Man's Religion

Did you know that African languages are specifically named as languages spoken on the day of Pentecost? Did you know that Ethiopia declared Christianity the national religion 59 years before Rome? Did you know that the oldest Christian church was founded in Egypt 17 years before Ethiopia declared it the national religion?

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