Wednesday, June 26"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

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Monthly Gifts

If you’d like to bless BHITB with a monthly gift in the amount of your choosing. There are two levels of access available to Patrons:

  1. Red Pill ($1.00 or more)
  2. All Access ($10.00 or more)

All Patrons receive exclusive access to certain sections of BHITB based on your Patron level. Please visit the BHITB Patreon Page.

One Time Gifts

  1. PayPal – If you’d like to give a one time gift please send it to me via Paypal (click here to donate).
  2. Buy A Book – There are lots of books to choose from (click here).
  3. Buy Printables – There are Bible Study sheets and more available on Etsy (click here).
  4. Bitcoin Donations – If you’d like to give using Bitcoin, it would be greatly appreciated. Please send to the following address:
    • 1E9yj1PUzzin9p1xHZqFXu49REHS3R2EVi

No Money… No Problem

  1. Sharing – Getting the word out is one of the biggest and most helpful things you can do.
  2. Ads – Whenever an ad on this site is clicked it earns money for the site.
  3. Copying, Linking, and Citing – Please feel free to use any material on this site as long as you follow the guidelines and give credit (click here).
  4. Amazon Affiliate Links – Click on any of the books or links below before shopping on Amazon. They pay a small commission if you do. It doesn’t raise your price at all (click here).

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