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The Book of Enoch: Black Adam, Albino Noah, and The Image of God

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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Was everyone on the planet black before Noah’s flood? The book of Enoch seems to indicate that the world before Noah’s flood was a much darker place, as far as melanin is concerned. While The Book of Enoch is not considered canon (official scripture), it was very important to the ancient Hebrews. In fact, it was so important, that they hid it among the Dead Sea scrolls at Qumran. Let’s start by looking at the story concerning Noah’s birth:

“After a time, my son Mathusala took a wife for his son Lamech. She became pregnant by him, and brought forth a child, the flesh of which was as white as snow, and red as a rose; the hair of whose head was white like wool, and long; and whose eyes were beautiful. When he opened them, he illuminated all the house, like the sun; the whole house abounded with light. And when he was taken from the hand of the midwife, opening also his mouth, he spoke to the Lord of righteousness. Then Lamech his father was afraid of him; and flying away came to his own father Mathusala, and said, I have begotten a son, unlike to other children. He is not human; but, resembling the offspring of the angels of heaven, is of a different nature from ours, being altogether unlike to us.” – Book of Enoch 105:1-3

The Colored Elephant In The Room

These three verses in The Book of Enoch provide a glimpse into what was going on around the world at the time of Noah’s birth. In order to make this easier, we’re going to break down the information into two sections:

What The Text Says

  1. Noah was born with white skin.
  2. Noah did not look like the other humans.
  3. Lamech believed Noah was the son of an angel.
  4. Angels were having children on earth.

What The Text Implies

  1. White skin was not common among humans.
  2. The children of the angels (nephilim) were white.

Although the nephilim play a very important role in Noah’s flood, they are beyond the scope and focus of this article. If you are interested in an in depth study on the nephilim and Noah’s flood, please check out my book, As The Days of Noah Were: The Sons of God and The Coming Apocalypse.

If Humans Weren’t White…

What color were they? The text seems to imply that pre-flood humans were people of color. Based on the location of The Garden of Eden, they were most likely brown or dark skinned people. If you still aren’t convinced that pre-flood people were people of color, Lamech’s words, “being altogether unlike to us” proves that everything about Noah was different, including his skin color.

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Noah: The Black Albino

Although Noah was described as having “white skin”, we know that not only Europeans have white skin. Black people can also be born with white skin. We refer to these people as albinos. Here are a few pictures of black people with white skin:

Black People With Albinism
Red Haired Albino

As we can clearly see, white babies are not only born to Europeans. In fact, it is a scientific fact that black people can have white children, but white people cannot have a black child. The only way for all of the races to exist on the planet, is if they started dark, and then became lighter over time.

Enoch, Lamech, and Noah were all from the line of Seth (Adam’s third son). If they were people of color, it also indicates that Seth was a man of color, which would also make Adam a man of color.

Adam: The First Man of Color

For starters, Genesis 2:7 tells us that Adam was created from the dust of the earth. In the Mesopotamian region, where the garden was located, all of the soil is colored. However, I’ll readily admit that it isn’t a very strong argument. The strongest argument for Adam being black are the three verses above.

  • If Noah was white and the other humans were not, they were likely brown or dark skinned.
  • If the humans were brown or dark skinned, it would’ve been passed down from Adam.
  • If brown or dark skin was passed down from Adam, it would mean that Adam was most likely brown or dark skinned.

These are reasonable conclusions based solely on the text presented. That brings us to the most controversial conclusion to where the evidence leads:

The Image of God

We are constantly bombarded with images of a white God or a white Christ, but why is that? If race doesn’t matter and God is just a spirit without race, why is he always depicted as white and not black or Arab or even Asian?

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” – Genesis 1:26-27

If God made man in his image, and after his likeness, what would that man look like? He would look like God. Many people try to downplay the appearance of God by saying that God is a spirit, which means he doesn’t have a body or color, but that’s not scriptural. That is personal belief and opinion:

  • Adam had arms and legs.
  • Adam had hair.
  • Adam had a face.
  • Adam had a skin color.

Adam was a walking, talking, self portrait of the creator. This brings us back to The Book of Enoch. If the people in Noah’s time were not white, and all of the people on earth were black, what color was Adam? If Adam was created in the image of God, and Adam was a man of color, what does that say about God?

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  • What do you think about the possibility of an ethnic creator?
  • How would the knowledge of a black God affect your beliefs?

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  • Eddie


    I am only responding because I believe what you are doing is very well done and would like to show appreciation and encouragement.

    The truth,free of bias and lies, is in and of itself, not harmful to anyone.According to what we currently know/believe, Black Africans are the source, genetically and by location, of what we know today as humanity. This is evident not only by scripture but also current scientific inquiry.

    Implications should not be feared by anyone but welcomed by all. The truth will set us all free.

    If that’s not enough Morgan Freeman was way more convincing as God than George Burns. Sounds like a joke but think about it.

  • Nicole Rodriguez

    Obviously the first people were BLACK cmon now my white skin cant be in the California sun without getting sunburned, now think about a bunch of whiteys walking through the middle eastern deserts hahaha yea right lmao that gives me a hilarious mental image by the way! Not to mention the fact that the biblical Hebrews or Israelites, whatever you want to call them, were singing and dancing every time they were happy praising YAH all throughout the scriptures! Now, we all know that white people ain’t the ones gifted in song and dance! Also in Song of Solomon in the bible he specifically says, “I am black but comely” I mean shouldn’t that put it to rest? Personally I am thrilled with the truth of the matter, and also that YAHUSHUA(“jesus”) was almost certainly a black man! What a BURN for all the oppressive racists! Another thing I was thinking about, black people, a lot of times, call eachother brother and sister, and that’s exactly what they were referring to themselves in biblical times! One more thing, YAHUAH always says a thing like, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who persecute you”, I mean it doesn’t take a genius to realize who basically have been the most oppressed people in the world, even in America, look how much the white man hates on his fellow black human brother.. and we know from history it hasn’t always been that way for people of color, I mean they come from Kings and Queens, it ain’t the white people who come from royalty just take a history lesson and search it up for yourselves you’ll find out the truth anybody will who searches. Praise YAH who willingly gives the truth to anybody who asks and seeks!

  • Joshua

    The image of God is of both male and female God is the father aka man the son aka child and the holy spirit aka the wife and the spirit of unity of family. All people have this in common and are of this image and are partaking in this image. Not a single person is the image of God but a family. As always test what I say against scripture.

    • Black History In The Bible

      The Holy Spirit is NEVER presented or referred to as a female. He is specifically referred to as a he, so your example is not Biblical unless you want to try to make it a gay marriage. Stop adding your own gender pronouns in opposition to the Bible. That is both blasphemy and false teaching.

  • It doesn’t make sense that there are 2 physical descriptions of god. God is everywhere and everything, and therefor does not take the shape of a human. It wasn’t until Jesus Christ was born, was there a human form of God. So there’s god, who is ever present, there’s Jesus who is god in human form who died for our sins, and when Jesus was baptized by John god gave us the holy spirit to communicate with god.

    • Black History In The Bible

      Then your position is that you’re negating every reference to God physical form in the Old Testament.

      In Genesis 18 he appears to Abraham as a man and eats with him.

      God placed his hand over a cave and allowed Moses to see his back.

      There are actually dozens of physical descriptions of God throughout the Old Testament.

      If God made Adam in his image, what does that tell you? It tells us that God has an image.

      Even if someone tries to claim Adam changed after the fall, it still doesn’t explain how Adam got hands, feet, eyes, etc. because of the fall. God does have a form, and it’s similar to humans.

  • Staylor

    I am Caucasian. I have always believed Christ would have been dark skinned, along with everyone else. However I have been told by blacks that white people will not go to heaven. Cause we’re damned. I’ve always believed people are the color they due to melonin. Sorry if I spelled that wrong. Can you explain where whites fall into play in all this?

    • Black History In The Bible

      Many misguided black people have been duped into believing white people are all damned, but that’s simply not true.

      Read my “Unmasking The Gentiles” series on this site. Part 4 specifically addresses your question about salvation.

      In short, everyone can be saved. It’s not based on how much melanin or lack thereof you have.

  • DashCam1

    Not sure where you get your info, but Enoch said Cain was black, Abel asian and Seth white. Adam had a ruddy complexion. Also, negroes existed as a beast race on earth before Adam was created. They have different dna than asians and whites.

    • Black History In The Bible

      This is complete stupidity.

      1. Cain was the son of Adam, so if he was black, so was Adam.

      2. Abel died without having any children, so where did Asians come from?

      3. Seth wasn’t white. We know this because the book of Enoch said Noah came out white and didn’t look like anyone else on earth.

      4. Only a moron thinks negroes were a beast race on earth.

      Try reading a Bible and stop listening to the Satanic teachings of British-Israelism. It was designed for gullible people that refuse to open a Bible. Hebrews were constantly mistaken for black people throughout scripture. Get a clue and stop making up stuff that has no Biblical or historical basis at all.

  • As soon as I saw “Enoch” & the title of this article I was like YUP! Let me @ it! = BiNGO!

    I KNOW THAT *PROPHETIC BOOK! The “Manichean Gnostic Wolves”, Jon 1:1 was fighting, ripped it out along with the Apocrypha & warpings of *Theological Translations* incl “Hebrew” twistin Maseoetic. Your killin it bro, keep em coming! Giver >>>>> PS: talk 2 Chris Lesley of on his White skinned/Blue eyed Watcher theory

  • Les

    Resembling the offspring of the angels of heaven” can easily be metaphorical, not necessarily meaning that “Angels were having children on earth”.

    • Black History In The Bible

      It’s not metaphorical. It’s a literal description that is given all over the world. The Bible mentions it all throughout Genesis 6, Numbers 13, 1 Samuel 17, 2 Peter, Jude, etc.

  • P Beckford

    If Adam was made in the image of God then he would have resembled God. Revelation 1:14 says that the son of God had hair like wool and verse 15 says that his feet were like brass burned in a furnace i. e. his skin was dark. It seems to me that God is dark skinnsd.

  • Ryder

    You may have covered this elsewhere but I am new to your site. Does this information about black biblical ancestry change your mind about Christianity and Hebrew Israelite doctrine?

    • Black History In The Bible

      Thanks for writing.

      No, it does not change my mind about Christianity at all. There is a huge difference between the teachings in the Bible and the teachings of men.

      As far as the Hebrew Israelites are concerned, I think they are misguided in many of their teachings. They omit anything that contradicts their doctrine, and also embrace other doctrines that cannot be validated by scripture. Their obsession with Edomites being white doesn’t fit the Biblical text. Also, their teaching the Jews somehow became Gentiles is also against scripture. Their belief that Christ did not die for Gentiles is outright false.

      None of this information changes my beliefs about either subject.

  • So the lid is finally lifted as the reader of the Book of Enoch is told that some of the angels of heaven have succumbed to carnal sin and taken wives from among mortal women. From this unholy union have come flesh-and-blood offspring, giant in stature, who, it must be presumed, match the description of the child born to

  • A question why wasn’t Noah if he were actually a son of the Fallen Angel destroyed in the flood, since their destruction was one of the reasons God sent the flood. Could it be a name that the translators of the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls used for whatever purpose suited them.

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